Frequently Asked Questions

How often does imprinted concrete need resealing?

Depending upon usage and location, 3-5 years is quite typical/ If it is not done, the surface will just end up becoming rather dull. We offer a full refurbishment service or can provide you with sealer if you prefer to do it yourself.

Do you install expansion joints in the concrete?

Yes. With decoration concrete we install ‘crack control joints’ at regular intervals in the area. They are cut at approximately 25% of the depth of the slab. This is done so that if a crack should occur, it would follow the direction of the joint, thus ensuring that it remains invisible. The joint itself is filled with mastic and has minimal impact on aesthetics.

Do the colours fade?

No. The colours are completely colourfast. The sealer has UV barriers in it to help block out harmful rays from the sun.

How long does an average installation take?

Installations can be broken into four stages:
– Preparation (Dig out of site)
– Pour (Laying of concrete)
– Clean off
– Seal
Most domestic jobs take an average of a week but size and weather are the main determining factors.

How long must I stay off my driveway after completion?

Normally 24 hours for pedestrian traffic, 48 hours for cars and 72 for heavier vehicles.

Do you install all year round?

Yes, weather permitting.

Is installation messy or noisy?

Approachways installation teams will always keep mess and noise to an absolute minimum. On preparation, machinery is often used for digging out existing areas and on pouring days, there can be some residual powders left over. These will all be cleaned away and your property left in an immaculate condition.

How many patterns and colours are available?

There are a basic range of 8 patterns available and a range of 23 colours. Normally a combination of two colours is used in our installation so the choice is huge!! We can also use more than one pattern at a time to create an even more personalised finish.

How do I deal with accidental spillages?

Washing up liquid for most spillages including oil! – The sooner the better!

How do I clean my imprinted driveway?

Power washing is the best way to keep your pattern imprinted concrete pristine. It will not damage it or take off the pattern or colour.

What happens if an area of imprinted concrete is dug up?

This is not a problem. A section can be cut out and a new piece installed. Afterwards a good clean of the area and a reseal will bring in line new and old for a near perfect match.

How far do you dig down?

Typically 200mm (8 inches), depending on site conditions. We install a 100mm (4 inch) slab onto a 100mm (4 inch) Type 1 roadstone base.

What is the life of Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

We often dig up concrete that is often in excess of 50 years old – It actually gets stronger with age!! Approachways put a 10 year no quibble guarantee our imprinted concrete in the knowledge that it will give many many years of service.

Do you use ordinary concrete?

No. The concrete we use for pattern imprinted concrete is a specified mix.
– P320 (You can reduce the cement content down to as low as 280kg (P280) in the summer or raise it as high as 350kg per cubic metre in the winter.
– 10mm aggregate.
-CEM1 or C111/A blended cement.
– 55% sand.
– Air Entraining Agent (AEA).
– 6mm monofilament fibres.
– 52 workability or 50mm to 60mm slump.

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