Do we need planning permission ?

From October 1st 2008 a submission for planning permission will be required for impermeable surfaces like pattern imprinted concrete. The purpose of this requirement is to prevent the stormwater drain system in the road and eventually the rivers being unnecessarily over filled in periods of heavy rainfall.
However :

  1. These requirements do not apply to Wales & Scotland
  2. They apply to the area between the front of the house and the road

Our Part

Our job is to try and satisfy the requirements of customers and the local council. We can do this with soakaways and draining to the garden. On particularly poor drainage properties we are permitted to make use of the storm drains.


Providing we make our best effort to drain driveway accumulated rainwater into the sub soils below, we will not need planning permission. Our site surveyor will look at all options in order that all requirements are met. On rare occasions there may be no option but to apply for planning permission.