Pattern Imprinted Concrete Refurbishment

Imprinted concrete is an extremely low maintenance, long lasting paving option. Regular power washing is recommended to keep the surface clean. Periodic re-sealing is also recommended. Approachways advises all of its customers to have their installations re-sealed every three to five years. The actual period between re-seals will be determined by the location and usage of the installation. Regular re-sealing maintains the surface to its optimal level, ensuring that not only will your installation last many years, but it will also continue to look as good as new.

Approachways offers a full refurbishment service for existing and new clients.

Step 1: The area will be deep cleaned using a commercial power washer.

Step 2: When the area is fully dry any mastic joints that need making good will be replaced.

Step 3: A high solids Acrylic sealer is brushed into the surface to replenish the original sealer that will have weathered and worn away. Depending on age and condition of the surface, typically two to three coats are required. A non-slip additive is added with the final coat.